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Wooden Man: Old Songs from the Southern School

Price: $14.00

Alan Senauke has been carrying the old-time, country, blues, bluegrass and folk tunes of this release for a good many years. They are old songs that speak about lost love, natural disasters, prison, death, and more - themes of folk music that have sadly been discarded by the nabobs of popular music. But in a real sense, these tunes are popular music.

Appalachian music, Cajun, country, bluegrass and old-time music are all well represented on this varied project with most tracks recorded live in without extensive overdubbing or artificial enhancement.



"'Wooden Man' marks a welcome return to recording for Alan Senauke, a fine traditionally based singer and guitarist."    -- Sing Out Magazine, Spring 2003


" one of the most satisfying old-time recordings to skid across my CD player in at least a year."   -- John Wolfe, Pow'r Pickin Magazine, Fall, 2002